1381-CPR-392 - EN 13707 

DELTAELAST P MINERALis a high quality SBS polymer bitumen modified membrane. The reinforcement is a composite polyester.

Mineral versions differ only by having a surface finish of slate chips.

DELTAELAST P MINERAL is waterproofing membrane and cap sheet for use in applications on various roof types, whether they are insulated or not, especially those which are subjected to high levels of stress such as tensile structures or metal profile decks. Ideal also for use in cold climates.

Thickness Rolls per palletLength
4,0 kg 23 10 m
4,5 kg 20 10 m
5,0 kg 23 7,5 m
6,0 kg 23 7,5 m

Colours (red, green and white) are available on request. Minimum order 1000 m2