Production Improvement

The wide range of materials and production capacity of the Italiana membrane plant allows TechnoNICOL to improve and expand its presence in Europe and the Mediterranean countries.

Since 2004, Italiana Membrane is committed to continuous improvement of pollution prevention and environmental protection, which is also the main aim of TechnoNI

  • All plants of the Corporation are subjected to state environmental appraisal at their design stage. The inside and outside environment at our industrial sites is monitored daily. TechnoNICOL invests in wastefree production, advanced equipment, and environmental protection technologies.COL Corporation.
  • All products developed and manufactured by TechnoNICOL meet sanitary and environmental standards and are safe for human beings and the environment.

Improved customer service - one of our priority principles. Leadership of TechnoNICOL products in the waterproofing market is due not only to the quality and innovative products we produce, but also to a high level of technical support.

On-site technical and qualified specialists, technical consultants, supervision and back-up, quality control of works on the project, development of design and solutions – and this is only to mention some of the things we do to assist our clients.