Materials Research

On the basis of the production sites TechnoNICOL acts laboratories and 5 own Scientific and Research Center of the Company.

The research activities of laboratories and research centers aimed at the study and prevention of the causes of aging materials, expanding the operating temperature range of roofing materials, increase the range of their application.

The main activities of the laboratories and Research Centers are:

  • Creating of the new roofing, waterproofing and heat insulation materials;
  • Work on claims: chemical, heat, microscopic and other analysis, assistance in solving technological problems;
  • Modernization of current technology;
  • Improvement of methods for the analysis of raw materials and finished products, the introduction of rapid methods;
  • General and methodological support of plans laboratories.

Plant’s laboratories are equipped with modern equipment, which you can use to study the physical and mechanical characteristics of materials in a wide temperature range, to accurately determine the structure and composition of raw materials, to test the durability of materials.

Unique chromatograph allows to determine the composition of the bitumen, which is used in the production of roofing materials, and, thus ,optimal selection of the type and amount of modifying additives.

To study the aging process is used the set of an artificial climate, with which it is possible for 2-3 months to predict material properties after 10-15 years of operation on the roof.

Currently being developed modern chemical-, radiation-, light-, ozone-, bioresistant materials, mastics and aquatic emulsions, membranes for single-layer roofs.

Research and implementation of advanced technologies enable the TechnoNICOL to bring to market several new products each year.